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About us

K&L Law Group, PC. is a law firm specialized in personal injury cases, business, commercial, real estate, insurance litigation and coverage, as well as intellectual property, professional liability, and construction law.

Our practice is focused on complex disputes and we regularly litigate in federal, state, bankruptcy and administrative courts.

Our attorneys have attained a Legal Ability and General Recommendation Rating of AV (the highest rating available) through the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory.

LosAngelesPersonalInjuryattorneys.co offers legal services, through its team of lawyers, to clients who are interested in solving a personal injury case.

Our team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys handles cases involving motorists while the rest of our team handles cases from vehicle accidents to medical malpractice or slip & fall accidents. We also have different teams of truck accident attorneys in Los Angelesbrain injury attorneysslip and fall lawyerswrongful death attorneys and medical malpractice attorneys.

The victims of different types of personal injuries will receive a free evaluation of the case and they don’t have to pay a cent for legal services until they obtain a compensation, helped by our lawyers. Many cases of personal injuries can be solved by settlement and they don’t go to trial and that means a shorter period of time for obtaining a compensation. If a settlement can’t be reached, the case will go to trial.

Your case will be handled by experienced attorneys in Los Angeles with a strong experience in obtaining compensations for the victims of different kind of accidents, through a settlement or a litigation in court.

Marc Y. Lazo is specialized in personal injury cases as well as in complex business and commercial litigation. He has tried numerous cases to successful verdict and has obtained multiple six-figure judgments in both state and federal court. Lazo worked for several US firms and achieved an experience of nearly 20 years in business litigation. He graduated from Loyola Law School (Loyola Marymount University).

Our services

After an accident, victims are oftentimes concerned with the expenses of the medical bills and the manner in which the injuries will affect their ability to work. The perspectives after an accident are even more troublesome when the victim has other family members in his or her care. Because the accident may have caused enough damage already, emotionally, physically and materially, many victims can postpone filing their claim against the party who caused the accident. Some may give up on doing so altogether. 

Our truck accident attorneys in Los Angeles can help victims during the troublesome times after a vehicle accident. We advocate for the rights of victims and are able to help you navigate through the legal proceedings that start when you decide to file a claim for personal injury against the other party.

Our services are tailored for both out-of-court settlements and in court procedures and our lawyers have handled many cases, concerning various types of injuries. Our dedicated Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys can help victims who have been injured in a vehicle-motorcycle accident, as it is known that these victims, the motorists, are more susceptible to severe or life-altering injuries. 

We offer services to all categories of victims, injured as a result of someone else’s negligence or malevolence. From vehicle accidents, to premises liability, wrongful death or nursing home abuse, we treat each case with care and respect for the victims and their situation.

We briefly list only some of the areas in which we specialize in:

  • Motorcycle accidents: one of our primary areas of specialization, with services offered by an experienced Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney.
  • Other vehicle accidents: car or vehicle accidents as well as other motor vehicle accidents, with a specialized section for pedestrian accidents.
  • Medical malpractice: a specialized field in which proving negligence is mandatory for the victim who is seeking compensation (we have a dedicated team of medical malpractice attorney Los Angeles)
  • Wrongful death: we help the family of departed ones seek justice on behalf of their relatives (we have a specialized team of wrongful death attorneys in Los Angeles)
  • Catastrophic injuries: cases in which the injuries are severe and the help of our lawyers is important for obtaining a high settlement.

These types of accidents, along with others such as premises liability claims, product liability claims, are just part of our areas of work. Victims can always contact our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers for complete information about our services.

How will we handle your case?

We will treat each case with due diligence and by carefully considering the circumstances in which it occurred. This is especially important for our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney who will go over you through the timeline of the accident in order to determine if the shared fault rule can apply in your case.

Once you are recovered from your injuries, we will proceed with the evidence discovery phase and you can continue your medical treatment while our lawyers handle the paperwork and the necessary procedures. When the time comes, our lawyer will accompany you at the negotiation table or, according to case, will represent you in court.

What settlement can you obtain?

The final settlement amount will depend on how the case is presented in court or during the negotiations with the defendant and/or the insurance agency. While it is common for the other party to try to reduce the settlement amount, a strong case, based on evidence from the accident and, when needed, expert witnesses, will work in the plaintiff’s favor, making it possible to obtain the highest amount possible for the medical expenses and the emotional suffering. 

We also remind you that we do not perceive any fees until you have obtained your final settlement amount. You do not have to worry about advance payments.

Why should you work with us?

Our team is highly qualified to handle cases that involve numerous types of injuries. While our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney will expertly handle your case if you were involved in such an accident, other clients may require an expert in medical malpractice. Our team is experienced and ready to handle both of these cases and many others.

We are a team of efficient, professional and cunning lawyers who will represent you in court and in the out-of-court procedures so that you can make your claim for a satisfactory settlement and for a just judgment of your case.

Our lawyers in LA are certified as specialists in personal injury after they completed a specialty certification program accredited by the American Bar Association. They will help you file a complaint where you have suffered the injury or in a state related in a way to the defendant.

Personal injury cases are common in California, as shown by available statistics:

  • approximately 3,651 deaths in 2018 from vehicle accidents;
  • in 2017, personal injuries from poisoning, resulting in death had a rate of 11,8%;
  • also in 2017, motor vehicle preventable personal injury detah rate was 10.6%;
  • falls accounted for 6.7% of the preventable personal injury death rates in California in 2017.

You may contact our team of Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys if you have been injured physically or psychologically by another person or entity who neglected its legal obligations or who harm you intentionally.