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Airplane Accidents

Airplane Accidents

Airplane accidents are not as common as other types of accidents involving means of transportation like automobiles, however, they do happen. Airplane accidents can involve large, commercial planes or they can involve small planes, private jets or helicopters.

These types of accidents are usually classified as catastrophic accidents due to the nature of the extensive or total damages and losses that occur. The surviving victims or the families of the deceased ones can seek the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney who can represent their case.

Aviation catastrophes

Airplane accidents can happen for a number of reasons, mostly including mechanical ones but they can also be caused by human error or negligence. Product defects in the mechanical pieces of the aircraft can also be a reason and sometimes the crash can be attributed to natural causes such as unpredictable changes in weather or, in rare cases, terrorist attacks. Some statistics show that in accidents involving private planes the most common cause of the accident is pilot error. 

While large commercial airline accidents are not so numerous and, in the case of a disaster, they undergo rigorous verifications (such as the black box check), private plane crashes can occur with a slightly larger frequency. These cases can also represent a basis for a personal injury lawsuit when the plaintiff boarded the private plane in good faith. Airline companies bear unlimited liability but in smaller-scale airplane accidents, liability can be attributed to the private plane pilot and his negligence or failure to observe his duty of care towards the passengers.

The claims for damages can be made to the airline company or to the manufacturers of the mechanical parts. These cases can be difficult because of the fact that they are considered disasters but this does not mean that you, as a surviving victim or as the relative of a person deceased in the accident cannot be entitled to compensations

Our lawyers also invite you to watch a video about these types of accidents:

Types of damages recoverable in airplane accidents

The types of injuries sustained in an airplane crash can be extensive and debilitating. As a victim, you have the right to claim compensations for any medical bills incurred after the accident and the costs of the additional treatment and/or lifelong care after the accident. You may also claim compensation for the lost income during the hospitalization period and afterward.

First aid and subsequent medical care after an airplane accident are crucial. If, however, you were subject to misdiagnosis, delayed or insufficient treatment, premature discharge, or other errors, you can be entitled to claim compensation under medical malpractice. Our team includes medical malpractice attorneys in Los Angeles who can help you as soon as possible after the discovery of the medical error.

Wrongful death claims can bring monetary compensations to the families of the victims who perished in the accident. These include monetary compensations for the funeral costs and/or compensations for the emotional suffering caused by losing a loved one. The plaintiff may claim loss of financial contribution and or services and support (if he/she was depending on the deceased individual’s care and support). Spouses may claim compensation for loss or companionship and loss of consortium.

Airplane accidents don’t always involve wrongful death and severe injuries from crashes. They can also mean a slip and fall on the stairs or injuries caused by falling luggage. 

One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will be able to help you if you or a loved one were involved in an airplane accident. Our experts can also help you with other legal issues and can help you win your case in court.

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