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Legal Services

Legal Services

Victims of personal injury accidents will often find that they are in need of legal counseling and assistance when they intend to file a claim for their injuries or take their case to court. This is when injured motorists can use the legal services provided by a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney. Working with a lawyer who has an extensive track record of successful cases for a particular type of accident is important and can make the difference between a lower and a higher settlement. Our team of lawyers can help individuals injured in motorcycle accidents by offering complete legal assistance and guidance, starting with a case evaluation. Our accident attorney who specializes in these types of cases will be able to tell you what settlement you can expect and will guide you during the entire legal process needed to obtain the settlement.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys specialize in motorcycle and other types of personal injury cases in California, from vehicle accidents and medical malpractice to dog bites and slip & fall accidents. We offer legal assistance to the victims of different types of personal injuries and can help represent you in court. The evaluation of your case is free of charge and you don’t have to pay a cent until you receive the compensation you are entitled to. The costs of a personal injury lawsuit should not prevent you from trying to obtain the rightful compensations. 

Part of our legal services also includes legal assistance and court representation as needed in medical malpractice cases. In these situations, it is advisable to report the discovery of the medical error as soon as possible to a medical malpractice lawyer in Los Angeles from our team. Our attorney will evaluate your case, gather evidence, and guide you throughout the process needed to submit a claim.

Assistance provided by a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney

Motorcycle accidents are a type of personal injury accident where the victim is subject to serious or even fatal injuries. This is due to the fact that the biker, irrespective of the fact that he is wearing all of the required protective gear, is more vulnerable in case of crashes. This greater risk is often the reason why many victims end up with life-altering catastrophic injuries like amputations, paralysis, traumatic brain injuries (Our brain injury attorney in Los Angeles can help you in this case). Getting proper legal aid from an expert is crucial in these types of cases – by working with a lawyer who has experience in a certain type of case you will be able to obtain a settlement or a compensation amount that will meet your medical expenses and will even cover the future costs for treating the injuries.

Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney is qualified to help bikers who have been injured. Not only does he have the experience from previous cases, but he is well documented in terms of legal requirements, procedures and the applicable laws as well as the guidelines issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles. Our specialized motorcycle accident lawyer understands the needs of this special category of clients and is well aware of the types of compensations that can be awarded for this sort of personal injury. Knowing your rights is important and a lawyer can help evaluate your case and determine if you can also claim compensations for economic and non-economic damages.

The first step after a motorcycle accident is to recreate the events and try to establish who is at fault, who has been negligent and how the evidence from the scene of the accident will help prove this. Our lawyer is able to help you right after the accident, and if you reach out to us as soon as possible, we will actively engage in the evidence collection process. Talking to eyewitnesses and obtaining the police reports will be two needed actions that will be important in building up the case.

Los Angele motorcycle accident attorney from our team will be able to help you submit your claim and will advise you in whether or not you should take the case to court or negotiate and settle the claim. These are two different directions and a premature settlement can leave the victim with a far lower settlement amount than he would have obtained in court. This is why it is important to talk with our motorcycle accident attorney and find out not only how you should proceed but also the types of damages you can claim compensation for.

Obtain compensations with the help of our Los Angeles personal injury law firm

Working with a team of experienced lawyers can make an important difference in the outcome of the settlement. Our team is able to help you calculate the estimated settlement amount from the earliest negotiation phases. In order to ensure that you receive a rightful compensation amount, our team will include the known expenses up to the point when you file the personal injury claim, as well as an estimated amount for the expenses that cannot yet be quantified exactly, such as future medical costs.

There are two main types of personal injury damages that can be obtained, compensatory and punitive ones. The experts at our Los Angeles personal injury law firm can help you first claim the compensatory ones if you were involved in a motorcycle accident or another type of personal injury. You can find out more details about the types of cases below in this article.

Compensatory damages have the role of covering for the economic damages sustained by the victim in the course of the accident and/or as a result thereof. The defendant will be required to cover these expenses. The other types of compensations are punitive ones, and they are intended to punish the party who was at fault. In essence, they do not concern the injured party, however, they are intended as a lesson for the party responsible for the harm. The purpose is to prevent the defendant from engaging in the same act in the future. Punitive damages are not always awarded, however, in California, they can be awarded when the plaintiff shows that the defendant was guilty of malice, fraud or oppression. This can be the case when the guilty party was extremely reckless, and thus caused the accident.

As far as the compensatory damages are concerned, our Los Angeles personal injury law firm will work in your best interest to claim the following:

  1. Medical care and future medical care: the combined value of the medical and hospital bolls, the medical treatments, any rehabilitation or physical therapy expenses, medicine and prescription drugs expenses;
  2. Lost wages: lost employment income during the course of the recovery period; this can be subject to a different calculation method according to the status of the plaintiff (employed or self-employed);
  3. Future lost wages: if the victim will no longer be able to work, partially or totally, as a result of the accident, he or she can be compensated for the estimated lost income;
  4. Personal expenses/household expenses: anu property damage sustained in the accident as well as increased living expenses can be included in this category.

An individual injured in a personal injury accident in Los Angeles can also receive compensations for non-economic damages. If for the first category the calculation method is based on the invoices and the bills that have been issued, non-economic damages are calculated with the help of a Los Angeles personal injury lawyer. These can include compensations for:

  • Pain and suffering;
  • Loss of companionship;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life;
  • Mental anguish, loss of opportunity and others.

Working with a Los Angeles personal injury law firm, such as our own, is helpful for determining these costs and adjusting them as needed. Because non-economic damages are harder to quantify, a common practice is to use a multiplier, according to the severity of the accident. In practice, the sum of the actual damages is multiplied by a number agreed upon according to the severity of the injury. In other cases, the victim can receive a per-day compensation.

Types of personal injuries in Los Angeles

Our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles can offer legal assistance and representation in a number of different other types of cases. You can contact us if you were a victim of:

  • vehicle accidents: if you have been injured in a vehicle accident and you need a compensation for the pain you suffered and the medical bills you have to pay, you may contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys. They are experienced in such cases and they obtain the right compensation for you from the insurance company or directly from the guilty party. It is important to call us as soon as possible after the accident because the evaluation of the case is free and you don’t have to pay money in advance before you obtain a compensation. Our truck accident attorneys in Los Angeles will help you obtain money for the damage to your vehicle, medical bills, lost wages, and your suffering. We recommend that, after a car accident, you should seek medical assistance and treatment and then call our lawyers.
  • other road accidents: apart from vehicle accidents, there are some other types of accidents, such as bicycle injuries or pedestrian accidents, that affect thousands of people every year. These cause severe personal injuries and the victims need to contact an experienced lawyer for legal assistance in order to obtain a compensation.
  • wrongful death: we provide legal services not only for the victims of different types of accidents but also for the family members of those who lost their lives because of someone else’s fault. No matter if the victim died in a car or construction accident or because of the negligence of somebody who had to take care of her/him, we are beside the relatives of the victim and help them fight for a plentiful reparation. Our wrongful death attorney in Los Angeles will go in court and present the case even if you are not prepared to go through such an experience, right after you lost a dear member your family.
  • medical malpractice: an important number of people who need medical treatment for a long period of time or suffer from a serious illness consider that they don’t receive the medical care they are entitled to and they are given a wrong treatment that causes them serious medical problems instead of a fast recovery. If you have such suppositions, it is recommended to talk to a medical malpractice attorney Los Angeles, who is experienced in medical procedures. You can also contact a lawyer in case of medical negligence, a failure of diagnosis, a misdiagnosis or when the standard of care is not provided.
  • defective products: there are thousands of injured consumers every year because of the defective products that are sold all over the country. The laws in California protect the consumers against any possible injury they may get because of the products that are not verified before being released on the market. The manufacturers have the legal obligation to notify the users about the possible dangers they may suffer when using a certain product, especially when these goods may cause death or serious injuries. Our team, who includes a Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, will also be able to handle those motorcycle accidents that were the direct result of a defective motorcycle part or accessory; it is important to work with a specialized lawyer as the case will differ from that were the plaintiff needs to prove that his accident took place because of the negligence or recklessness of another driver; handling defective product cases will involve a different approach.
  • slip & fall accidents: there are a lot of accidents that may happen on somebody’s property that will be treated as “slip & fall” and they are related to the liability of the owner for the injury suffered by a person. The owner of a place has the obligation to warn and protect his guests or other persons from any injury they can get on his property because of risks that can be foreseen. You can discuss more with our slip and fall lawyers in Los Angeles.
  • dog bites: even if you don’t provoke a dog, it may attack and hurt you and the owner of that animal is responsible for his pet’s actions. Some dog owners don’t have an insurance because many insurance companies don’t offer any services for the people who have certain breeds of violent dogs, such as Pit Bull or Rottweiler. In case you suffered an injury because of a dog or other animal bite, you may contact our L.A. personal injury attorneys.

Our legal services also focus on the needed assistance and legal representation for new mothers who have suffered birth injuries. If you or your baby were injured during birth, you can claim compensation for the doctor’s misdiagnosis or failure to properly care for you and your child. Our birth injury lawyers in Los Angeles can tell you more about your rights and the compensation you can receive.

What to consider when filing a lawsuit in a personal injury case

The state of California imposes certain strict laws that influence the manner in which a personal injury case is treated and how the victim can obtain compensation. A very important rule is the statute of limitations. In California, the victim has two years from the date of the accident to bring the case to court. In medical malpractice cases, this period can be longer if the discovery rule applies (the date on which the victim discovered that the injury was caused by a negligent medical professional).

Shared fault cases are treated in a special manner in Los Angeles and the rest of California. If the victim is also found guilty of the occurrence of the accident, then he or she will only be able to obtain reduced compensations: the reduction applies to the same percentage as the one the victim is found guilty of. This can also happen in case of motorcycle accidents and it is important to know if you are also to blame before submitting your claim; it is preferable to know in advance if the shared fault law applies in your case to that you will expect a reduced settlement amount. A Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney can help evaluate your case and tell you if you should expect a reduction of the settlement according to your percentage of negligence. 

The stress and emotional impact of an accident are hard both on the victim and on his or her relatives. At our law firm in Los Angeles, we treat each case with dedication and professionalism so that you can get the best possible outcome after having been injured. 

The legal services provided by our Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorney, and by the rest of our team who specializes in different types of accidents, include complete legal advice and court representation, a thorough explanation of your rights, as well as ongoing assistance during the course of the case. We can also help you better assess the damages and calculate the compensation as well as assist with preparing the evidence.

Personal injury statistics in Los Angeles

According to the LA Controller’s Office, the number of fatal and injury traffic accidents in the city increased in 2017 and 2018 compared to previous years. The experts at our Los Angeles personal injury law firm present the date below, as communicated by the Controller:

  • the number of fatal and injury traffic accidents in 2018 was 25,387;
  • in 2017, there were slightly less accidents, 25,259;
  • in 2016 the number was lower, 24,399 and in 2015 it was slightly higher, 24,974;
  • over the analyzed period of ten years, the number of fatal and injury traffic accidents was highest in 2009, at 26,000 accidents.

According to the Citywide Traffic data provided by the LAPD, the traffic statistics for the week ending 07/24/21 show a total of 20 hit and run traffic collisions (06/27/21 to 07/24/21), and 38 motor vehicle vs pedestrian (also during 06/27/21- 07/24/21). The report also indicates that 13 traffic collisions in which a bicycle was involved took place between 06/27/21 and 07/24/21.

For motorcycle accidents and any other case of personal injury, you may contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for a free evaluation. We can handle almost any type of personal injury case that can be solved through a settlement or in court.

For any other case of personal injury, you may contact our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys for a free evaluation. We can handle almost any type of personal injury case that can be solved through a settlement or in court.