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Negligent Security Claims in California

Negligent Security Claims in California

A party can be accused of negligent security when he or she fails to observe the adequate norms for premises safety. Individuals who are injured in an accident that occurred in an inadequate space can make a negligent security claim and accuse the other party of insufficient or inappropriate security. This type of claim can be made by individual living in unsafe buildings and who have been the victims of a criminal act.

Los Angeles personal injury attorney is able to help you if you have been injured in such an accident or if the fact that you are living in an unsafe building caused you property and economic damages.

Options for individuals hurt in unsafe premises

negligent security claim must be made against the owner or owners of the premises where the accident took place. A personal injury lawyer can help you make this claim against a landlord, building manager, owner or the individual who should have secured the premises where the accident happened.

Proving negligence is the most important aspect of a security claim. The individual must be able to prove that person in charge of safety failed to prevent the danger or treated a known issue is a negligent manner.

Foreseeability is important when proving that the owner of the premises failed to discover or pay attention to what could have caused the accident. When proving foreseeability the plaintiff will need to find out if there were any similar cases that should have made the landlord more attentive to the needs of the individuals passing through the property. 

When arguing that the owner should have taken reasonable safety measures, one must prove that those measures were necessary. The adequate security measures for certain premises differ from case to case. Plaintiffs can consult a Los Angeles personal injury attorney in order to determine if they can make a claim for improper security measures that lead to the accident. Businesses can also request the aid of a lawyer to see what security measured they are lawfully obliged to take.

The individual making the claim will only be able to hold his case in court if he was actually allowed on that property (a trespasser cannot make any claims against bad safety standards on a premises).

We invite you to watch the following video containing information on how to make a negligent security claim in California:

Making a claim against the owners of the premises

One of our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys will be able to help you gather evidence, eye witness reports and any needed proof that the owner of a premises was indeed negligent concerning the security of that particular place.

Premises that should comply with the existing safety standards include buildings, shops, recreational facilities, nursing homes and many others. Criminal activity in these types of places, like burglary, can also become an issue of negligent security.

Because negligent security cases can contain both a criminal and a civil investigation it is recommended to seek professional legal aid. The success or failure of the claim will, in the majority of the cases, depend on the ability to prove that the security measures on the defendant’s property were inappropriate. 

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