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Compensations for Vehicle Accidents Victims in Los Angeles

Compensations for Vehicle Accidents Victims in Los Angeles

The compensations for vehicle accidents victims in Los Angeles are monetary ones and can be given for injuries of all types, from a whiplash to severe and life-altering ones like paralysis.

Our team of Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you with a case evaluation and an accurate estimate of the value of your due compensations, according to the types of injuries.

Types of compensations for victims of vehicle accidents

The compensation for an injury sustained in a car accident is meant to cover the costs of the medical care but also provide a certain degree of monetary aid for other types of losses. In those cases where the injuries severely alter the victim’s life, the compensation is also meant to tend to the psychological effects of the event.

Type of CompensationDetails
Medical expensesThe costs for medical procedures as well as rehabilitation after the accident
Lost incomeThe value of the wages lost while the victim was unable to work after the accident
Future lossesThe medical expenses, as well as the future, lost wages as a result of the accident, in addition to the immediate ones
Property damageThe value of the damages to the property, sustained in the accident; included here are any damages to the victim’s car, for example

Our personal injury calculator can be of help when you are first trying to calculate the value of the compensation. However, because this online tool does not replace adequate legal counseling, we do recommend that you get in touch with one of our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers.

What to remember when claiming compensations for vehicle accidents

The State of California has a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the accident, meaning that cases brought before a court after this time can be rejected. Even more so, the case can also be judged according to the percentage of fault for the victim, in addition to looking at the negligence of the defendant.

Our team of personal injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help you comply with these legal requirements and submit your claim in due time.

You can also claim compensations if, as the victim of a vehicle accident, you were mistreated or misdiagnosed in the hospital. If your initial injuries sustained in the accident were aggravated by unnecessary medical procedures or treatment, or through improper medical care, our medical malpractice lawyer in Los Angeles can help you claim compensations for your troubles. 

Please contact us if you have any questions about the compensations you are entitled to after being involved in a vehicle accident.