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Bus Accidents in Los Angeles

Bus Accidents in Los Angeles

Bus accidents in Los Angeles fall under the category of vehicle accidents. However, the main difference is that buses are considered carriers of persons and must observe special rules for this activity, as described in the California Civil Code.

Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can help you, if you have been involved in and injured in a bus accident. Crashes involving school buses or other types of vehicles used to transport individuals can result in fatalities to occupants.

Law regarding bus accidents, presented by our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys

Buses fall into a special category of motor vehicles and have a duty of care towards their passengers. When carrying individuals for monetary rewards, drivers (and bus companies) must ensure that the safety of the passengers is guaranteed. 

The California Civil Code stipulates this duty of care in Section 2100: “a carrier of persons for reward must use the utmost care and diligence for their safe carriage, must provide everything necessary for that purpose and must excise to that and with a reasonable degree of skill.” The Code also specifies that the vehicles used for transporting individuals must be safe and fit for the purpose. Vehicles must not be overcrowded and the rate of speed must be reasonable. 

Bus crashes can occur as a result of impact with other vehicles, motorcycles, pedestrian or cyclists. The injuries resulted from such an accident can be extensive and serious. Persons involved in such accidents should not be discouraged from filing a lawsuit and obtaining lawful compensations. Although bus companies, especially large ones, will defend themselves against a personal injury lawsuit filed in the case of an accident, with the help of a Los Angeles personal injury attorney, you can win your case.

What are the most common bus accident personal injuries?

Among the most common bus accident cases our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers come across every year cause the following types of damages:

  • head injuries which usually result in traumatic brain injuries;
  • broken arms or legs;
  • spinal cord injuries;
  • back and neck injuries.

Needless to say that these injuries can cause extensive pain on a long period of time or even irreversible damages. This the main reason proper assistance should be sought if you have suffered a bus accident in Los Angeles.

We invite you to watch a short video about bus accidents in L.A.:

Compensations for bus accidents in L.A.

The victim of a bus accident in Los Angeles can claim compensations for the damages suffered as a result of the accident, the pain, and suffering or the medical expenses. Some examples include:

  • current and future medical bills or physical therapy bills;
  • current and future loss of wages;
  • current and future pain and emotional distress;
  • property damage: vehicles or personal items damaged in the crash.

How to file a claim in a bus accident case in L.A.

If you were injured in a bus crash, you should get better first and let our L.A. personal injury attorneys handle your case. The only thing you should remember is to respect the statute of limitations, which in the state of California is two years.

Bus accidents are usually caused by negligence whether of the driver or the authorities who have not maintained the road in its normal parameters. This is why the approach of the case should be done in accordance with the circumstances of the bus accident.

Our legal team will make sure to gather all the evidence which will support your case and prove how much damage the accident caused. You should hand over all medical bill, prescriptions to our attorneys, who will also talk to all the witnesses to the bus crash. Additional investigations will also be carried out, if required in order for our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys to have a strong case.

The treatment you receive after a bus accident should be suitable for the type of injuries you sustained. If the doctor who treated you misdiagnosed the injury or offered you improper care or treatment, you can have a medical malpractice case. talking about your options with our lawyer is the first step to knowing if you can claim compensation. Contact our medical malpractice lawyer in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

We also offer assistance and advice to other types of injured individuals. If you are looking for answers concerning birth injuries, or if you already know that the injury took place during childbirth, our birth injury lawyers in Los Angeles will answer your questions about these types of claims. Seeking legal assistance as soon as possible after the discovery of the injury is advisable.

The possibility to negotiate the compensation

Most transportation companies will try to settle a L.A. bus accident case by letting the insurer to propose an amount as a compensation for the damage cause, and thus turning you away from filing a lawsuit. However, before jumping to this opportunity you should calculate the amount you should be compensated with before accepting any offer. Our Los Angeles personal injury attorneys can also assist in this case. You can also use the calculator we provide to see how much you could obtain in order to not be offered a lower amount than you deserve.

Our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers can help you in bus accident injury cases. You can contact our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles for more information about how you can obtain compensations. 

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