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Personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks

Personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks

If you live in the Sherman Oaks neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley, working with a local lawyer can be a suitable option if you were injured in the area. A personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks is able to answer any questions about a particular type of accident, will help you calculate the compensation and prepare the documents you need to submit when filing a personal injury claim.

Services offered by our personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks

We have a team of lawyers in experience in a wide rage of categories. From vehicle accidents to slip and falls and medical malpractice or nursing home abuse in the Sherman Oaks region, our team can help you claim compensation and justice for your losses.

Working with a lawyer who has had previous experience in a certain area is one of the key ways in which you can make sure that you will obtain a satisfactory compensation for your injuries. The party at fault or the insurer may be willing to mitigate your compensation, however, with the right legal assistance, you will know not to give in and accept an amount that will not allow you to cover all of the injury-related expenses.

  1. Motorcycle accidents: a large number of cases handled by our team includes vehicle accidents, with a focus on motorcycle accidents in the Sherman Oaks region;
  2. Slip and fall: these types of accidents can be common when the property owner does not observe simple rules; if you were involved in a fall that resulted in a broken hand than prevents you from working, we can assist you;
  3. Severe injuries: our experienced personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks can help you if you suffered a severe, live-altering injury such as a spinal cord or a traumatic brain injury;
  4. Wrongful death: if your loved one has died in a car accident you can claim compensation for the pain and suffering and for the loss of companionship;

Our team can also help you with dog bite injuries, and a number of other types of personal injury accidents. You can always reach out to us if you were injured as a direct result of someone else’s negligence to find out if you have a strong personal injury case. We can also help you claim compensations for non-economic damages, such as post traumatic stress.

Were you misdiagnosed or mistreated by a doctor in Sherman Oaks? Our medical malpractice attorneys in Los Angeles can help evaluate your case and give you information about your options and how you can file a claim for negligent medical care. We can help you if you were misdiagnosed or if you were subjected to unnecessary surgery. Reach out to us for more information about your options. 

Were you injured during childbirth? Or was your child injured during birth? These types of injuries can vary greatly in severity and, in some cases, the injury to the child does not become apparent until later on, when he/she exhibits developmental issues. Our birth injury lawyers in Los Angeles can help answer your questions and determine a suitable course of action.

When do you need to call a Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer?

Your top priority should always be to seek proper medical care, and emergency medical care in severe cases. Even in less severe cases, such as a minor injury to the head in a vehicle accident, a medical check-up is advised not only for your own health (relating to identifying any concussions that may not have obvious side effects) as well as for the success if your case. You can call our personal injury lawyer in Sherman Oaks as soon after the injury you are able to safely make the call.

Our team of lawyers will be able to start the procedures needed so that you can submit a personal injury claim, however, we will be able to assess the true value of your compensation once you have finished the prescribed medical treatment and/or have information from your treating physician of the estimated needed future medical care.

Personal injury accidents in California

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, traffic fatalities decreased from 2018 to 2019. The overall data shows the following:

  • Fatalities: in 2018 there were 2,798 traffic fatalities, more than in 2019 (3,606);
  • Driving under the influence: the number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities also increased, from 1,116 in 2018 to 1,066 in 2019;
  • Motorcycle accidents: the number of motorcycle fatalities was lower in 2019 compared to 2018 (474 vs. 523);
  • Pedestrian accidents: the number of pedestrian fatalities recorded in 2019 was 972, also lower than the number of pedestrians who have died in vehicle accidents in 2018 (978).

While the overall traffic fatalities are slightly lower in California, being involved in a motorcycle, pedestrian, bicycle or vehicle personal injury accident does mean that the victim will most likely need expert legal advice if willing to submit a personal injury claim.

Working with a local lawyer, such as our Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer, can greatly improve your chances of obtaining a rightful compensation. When you receive legal assistance from a lawyer specializing in a particular type of case you benefit from their experience and you rest assured that they will be able to calculate the minimum compensation amount in a way in which you will be able to cover the medical expenses and the other types of expenses that come after a personal injury accident.

Contact our Sherman Oaks personal injury lawyer if you need professional legal assistance in this area.